You Made Me Realize

by Terra Mourn

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Dann 'the djentle giant'
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Dann 'the djentle giant' Best metal album I ever heard. I just discovered this EP a week ago and I can say without any doubt that THIS is what I was looking for since 15 years : rich & complex riffs with melodies, subtle harmonies, a hint of violence in the voice and passion in the chords. I've never give it to any band whatsoever : 10 out of 10. It is just perfect! Favorite track: Farther Reaches.
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piotr. An indescribable atmosphere that I just can't get out of my head. Catchy, melodic, but punishingly heavy. The artwork is beautiful as well. Favorite track: Accident.
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released December 27, 2013



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Terra Mourn London, Ontario

Terra Mourn is a six-piece band that was created by Denis, Daniel, and Andrei in spring 2012. Anton, Canadian vocalist Josh, and also Alexander Yazykov joined the band which formed the current lineup: Denis Osetrov, Josh Ford, Andrei Ivanov, Daniel Lem, Anton Brzeski, and Alexander Yazykov, are all armed with wide musical experience and views. ... more

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Track Name: Tons Of Scorching Sand
Gone to a way - In the endless sands.
i don't think about the consequences,
without thinking about the time that i'll lose.
only a burning desire in my head
and tons of scorching sand
and what the outcome - is death!
all what I wanted and what has been achieved
took the death
Track Name: Farther Reaches
Leave a trace in the hearts of people
leave a shadow after itself
stay alive forever
and don't disappear for the ages.
if people understood life
and would have lived without fear.
beaming would be each new day
by feats of people.
Fear binds does not GIVE burns
by valor in the soul.
more and more people don't
find courage for doings
in life, there is always place for exploit!
go ahead and inspire going behind you
so that your name remains
and not gone with you to the grave.
so that your feat is shine as the day
in the souls and hearts of people
what is the meaning of existence
if not to commit?
Track Name: Slave
mighty fetters wrap my shoulders,
and as ballast, they pull me into darkness.
like an anchor, I go down lower and lower,
and every cell of my body feels,-
as the sand from the bottom of my skin envelops.
watching the picture of how life as a woman-
Leave me and never return.
What do I do in the darkness of the ocean?
Pray for its wooden idols-
the release itself?
or succumb-
to memories perfect
as a rainbow after the rain?
No, accept and die like a dirty dog,
that's what I remain.
accept and die like a dirty dog, accept and die-
As the sand from the bottom of my skin envelops.-
watching the picture of how life as a woman-
leave me and never return.
I am a slave of mighty fetters
I am a slave and no forces for resistance
I am a slave of mighty fetters, but who threw them at me?
Track Name: Blind Preacher
I feel fatigue in every muscle
and sweat corrodes my eye
How i tired on this holey trail
that leads to nowhere.
I haven't found myself under the scorching rays
but many years have passed.
i still go - I don't know where,
i still go
i still go
if only this would have a happy ending
why my mother conceived me-
If I didn't find myself
sand clouded my mind
and thus i don't see myself.
Track Name: Accident
Just imagine if you were not there,
the world would be quite different:
someone's fate would have gone the other way,
would not have the problems that tie up you;
your life would not exist,
and you would not know this world.
but sooner or later, the actors leave the stage.
and do not return to his former role
sometimes things do not go according to the script,
there must be another actor.
his absence is immediately reflected at all.
void is formed, which does not fill up.
palette of colors is changed immediately
and the artist is not able to complete the picture.
just imagine if you disappeared
your close people don't feel you
they would have not heard your voice,
didn't see you,
their lives would change in instantaneous time.
you matter, and you are irreplaceable.